150101 TVXQ at MBC Gayo

150101 Jaejoong at KBS Drama Awards

150101 Junsu’s musical concert

150101 Yoochun at SBS Drama Awards

150102 Changmin at Jeju island

150102 Junsu at Jejsu Island (Sensivity Trip)

150103 Junsu at Jeju Island (Sensivity Trip)

150104 Changmin at Gimpo Airport

4 thoughts on “Schedules

  1. Hello there, really thanks for your effort to collect all these pictures~ ^^ I know it’s kinda rude to request like this, but can you please re-upload those old links on 4shared? because some of them had already been cancel and i cant download them too.. 😦 I came too late and when i download finish my computer detected those files as virus..:( I start to collect their old pictures since they enlisted. So can you please reupload those links on Mega? I really like all your collection .. Sorry to bother you.. Anyway still thanks for your hard work to share those links for us ^^ Have a nice day ^^

  2. I gratefully thank you for your work.

    I’m sorry if someone is bothering you.
    Please Do not mind the ignorant, stupid
    they are the foolish, they do not deserve any word.

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